sometimes I think that at the start of series 1



William’s family was whole

he had a mother and father who both loved and supported him. he was in work that he enjoyed and he had a crush on a gal he hoped to court. he was probably the most fortunate character on the show.

but William lost his love, William lost his family and William lost his life

and by the end of series 2 all that’s left is poor old Mr Mason. standing by the grave of his wife and his son. trying to carry on with some cheer, though everything dear to him has been lost

why are you punishing me with feelings?

'Downton Abbey': Ten teasers about episode two

Mary and Matthew might have finally got hitched, but that’s not going to stop the drama in Downton Abbey, is it? With the future of the estate still in doubt following Robert’s risky investment, it’s a dead cert that there’ll be loads of ups and downs to come.

Digital Spy has had a sneaky peek at this Sunday’s episode, which sees Mary and Violet team up in an attempt to get Martha to fork over some Downton-saving cash. Whether she will or not we’ll keep a secret, but we have got ten teasers to get you puzzling about the instalment:

Downton Abbey S03E02: Maggie Smith as Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet, Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary


1. There’s a big party, which Mary and Violet are hoping will persuade Martha to keep Downton running. But something goes rather awry… and Carson ain’t happy!

2. Anna must be expecting Bates to get released at some point… because she’s bought herself a present that he might enjoy (wink wink, nudge nudge).

3. One of the staff members has a worrying health scare… and while Mrs Patmore might be a very sympathetic confidante, she’s also perhaps a bit too hysterical to be truly comforting!

4. Edith’s still mooning over Sir Anthony, but a letter could come between them.

5. Isobel has a new job (of course), which leads to a surprising reunion with a familiar face…

6. “I think he likes me.”

7. Poor Alfred’s stuck in the middle of some serious Thomas-O’Brien sabotage, and it could get him in trouble.

8. Things are tense between Carson and Mrs Hughes - in fact, some harsh words are exchanged. Aww!

9. Martha has a sing song! It seems not everyone enjoys it, though.

10. “Don’t ever threaten me.”

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